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Julie Mellae author of Lyme Crimes in Australia, Mellae the global disgrace, Mellae lyme disease sufferer, lyme disease help in Australia

THIS STORY winds its way around my devastating health challenges with the disease; the cruelty I endured at the hands of the Australian medical establishment; corrupted science, the global espionage and denial of ‘Operation Paperclip’ during the Cold War.

This cover-up by the Australian government, our crooked scientists and doctors MUST BE EXPOSED!

Australian Lyme Crimes- the Global Disgrace is a chilling story of greed, lust for power while patients remain untreated and disabled.


Is Lyme disease (tick-borne Borrelia) the emerging HIV AIDS?

Was Lyme Disease Weaponised?

Australian Lyme Crimes - the Global Disgrace IS THE FIRST BOOK Julie Mellae has written.


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"This story must be told".

International Human Rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson QC London

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Pure Media Australia

17th December, 2022

Pure Media Australia speaks with Julie Mellae author of the book "Australian Lyme Crimes: A Global Disgrace". 

lyme crimes by julie mellae, signs and symptoms untreated, tick, Fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes, lyme coverup

America Tonight

16th November, 2022

Julie Mellae talks about her book with award-winning host Kate Delaney on America Tonight!

America tonight interview with Julie Mellae, lymes disease conspiracy book, how do I know if I have lymes, lyme research medication, australian lymes disease help

Exclusive interviews


Gabbi Choong

23rd February, 2023

Julie Mellae joins us to talk about Lymes a bioweapon in development since the 40's that is estimated to effect 250,000 Australians and growing.

Gabbi Choong interviews Julie Mellae, Lyme disease Delusional, Agoraphobia, Dementia from Lyme disease

Spotlight TV

28th January, 2023

Julie Mellae Graces Spotlight TV with Dr. Larry Carnes

Spotlight TV DR Larry Carnes, Lyme disease symptoms Paranoia, Delusional, Agoraphobia, Dementia, Dr Larry Carnes Australia Lyme Disease crimes
  • Lyme disease was initially a mysterious rheumatoid type of disease discovered in 1976 in a cluster of children in Lyme, Connecticut, USA hence its name. Now known to be harmful to humans, this disease can be transmitted from human to human. Estimated Lyme patients worldwide could be over one million, the numbers rising.

    The following story covers my personal battle with Lyme disease and the history of the collaboration of Australia, America and Russia in their modus operandi of biological warfare.

    In this book, we look at the origins of Lyme disease, the reasoning behind its denial and negligence by Australian doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath.

    We depict the actions and role of three main protagonists: Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the causative spirochete of Lyme disease which was named after him, Dr Erich Traub, a Nazi scientist who was saved by the Americans, from a litany of war crime charges, due to his knowledge of viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe. The third protagonist,  Dr Allen Steer, who named the condition, dodged the Draft and omitted vital evidence from his scientific papers to deny Lyme disease credibility.

    We look at the action of governments and their various instrumentalities, which on the one hand seek to exploit sections of their own populations while at the same time resorting to manipulating decisions and laws for their own self -protection.

    It is the sickening story of lust for power, the fear of losing it, and the might agencies will bring to bear against the people who threaten these ambitions.


Signed copy Australia only!

$40AUD includes postage

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Get in touch at

Julie Mellae is a Proud Ambassador of Lyme Disease Association of Australia

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It is the sickening story of lust for power, the fear of losing it, and the might agencies will bring to bear against the people who threaten these ambitions.

Gabbi Choong

Julie Mellae joins us to talk about Lyme a bioweapon in development since the 1940's that is estimated to effect 500,000 Australians and this number is growing

Yet the government denies the existence of Lyme in Australia

Julie covers the collaboration of 5 eyes, CSIRO being involved in developing this bioweapon with the US and Russia and her new findings on the composition of morgellons that effect many that are suffering with Lyme

Gabbi Choong interviews Julie Mellae, Gabbi Choong Lyme Disease, Lyme disease denial Australia

Cafe Locked Out

11th June, 2023

We are constantly getting approached about Lyme Disease, so this is our second story.

Julie Mellae talks Lyme Disease with Australia's Cafe Locked Out.

Julie mellae novel Lyme Crimes, Cafe Locked Out interview Julie Mellae, Cafe Locked Out lyme disease, learn about Lyme's in Australia
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