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Is Lyme disease (tick-borne Borrelia) the emerging HIV AIDS?

Was Lyme Disease Weaponised?

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‘Lyme can be transmitted sexually via sperm, saliva, and vaginal fluid, through the mothers’ placenta to the baby and through breast milk’.
'It may also be transmitted through via tears, saliva, plasma products, blood transfusions, mosquito, flea, March fly and sandfly bites’.

Lyme disease was initially a mysterious rheumatoid type of disease discovered in 1976 in a cluster of children in Lyme, Connecticut, USA hence its name. Now known to be harmful to humans, this disease can be transmitted from human to human. Estimated Lyme patients worldwide could be over one million, the numbers rising.

The following story covers my personal battle with Lyme disease and the history of the collaboration of Australia, America and Russia in their modus operandi of biological warfare.

In this book, we look at the origins of Lyme disease, the reasoning behind its denial and negligence by Australian doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath.

We depict the actions and role of three main protagonists: Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the causative spirochete of Lyme disease which was named after him, Dr Erich Traub, a Nazi scientist who was saved by the Americans, from a litany of war crime charges, due to his knowledge of viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe. The third protagonist,  Dr Allen Steer, who named the condition, dodged the Draft and omitted vital evidence from his scientific papers to deny Lyme disease credibility.

We look at the action of governments and their various instrumentalities, which on the one hand seek to exploit sections of their own populations while at the same time resorting to manipulating decisions and laws for their own self -protection.

It is the sickening story of lust for power, the fear of losing it, and the might agencies will bring to bear against the people who threaten these ambitions.

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Available on KINDLE and AMAZON.
Paperback now released! 
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